Reach the Watertower in this enemy-packed level as you shoot lasers to fight robot minions in order to reach the final boss and head to safety.

WASD/Arrow Keys to move.

Left-Click to shoot at targets.

Watch for your health (top-left corner)! Whenever an enemy comes in contact with you, you lost health.

This game serves as a final project done by the following students from TDXL/Techdale's 2016 class: Karan, Roel, Sam & Staceyann. For the majority of students, this was their first time learning the ins-and-outs of game design using Unity, Blender, and Krita (a free alternative to Photoshop), showing youth how anyone can start making games with additional mentorship on how to setup a typical game, and garnering further interest and insight to students who wish to pursue this as a career.


Download 48 MB
Download 44 MB


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Cute and nice-looking level!